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High quality, experienced engineers, professionalism, and punctuality in delivery
Aquarius S.A.L was established in 1963 as a water treatment contractor and swimming pools specialist. The main office is located in Lebanon, but the company operates on a regional level and is one of the key players in the water industry.
We operate in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008


Our scope of activities covers general water treatment (softening, sand filtration, sterilization, etc.), desalination plants, wastewater treatment, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, fountains and pumping equipment. Our experience consists of more than 7,000 projects, mainly in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

latest news

09 Aug 2017
COLLEGE PROTESTANT Status: Awarded project / June 2017  
09 Aug 2017
UPTOWN BADARO Status: Awarded project / June 2016  
09 Aug 2017
RIVER & SEA RESORT Status: Awarded project / May 2017