Due to demographic pressure, the wastewater treatment activity represents half the world’s water treatment activities.

At Aquarius S.A.L, we have a thorough understanding of the challenges of wastewater treatment; protecting the quality of water by an efficient sewage treatment plant is something we have been fighting for, for more than 40 years.
Aquarius S.A.L provides a combination of mechanical, biological and chemical processes used to remove particles and suspended solids, organic pollution and nutrients from wastewater. We use the biological treatment by means of an extended aeration process; this purifying process stabilizes the rejected effluent and decreases its BOD5 (Biological oxygen demand) and suspended solids. We have designed and installed more than 300 wastewater treatment plants, for different clients, including municipalities (with up to 30,000 equivalent inhabitants), hotels, resorts, buildings and even private villas.
The quality of the treated water will offer our customers the opportunity to reuse the effluent with a view to conservation of natural resources. We aim to always ensure that our clients are able to meet any regulatory discharge limitations.