Aquarius S.A.L is devoted to water quality 

is a slogan that has been adopted by the company since its foundation.

Aquarius S.A.L operates on the basis of profound commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service.

By working with Aquarius S.A.L, whether to treat your water (domestic, potable or waste water), or build a swimming pool or water feature, you are choosing a partner that possesses the following strengths:
An uninterrupted operation running since 1963.
Experience consisting of more than 7,000 projects, mainly in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.
Solutions based on superior process engineering and high quality designs.
Continuous high standards of maintenance and service to more than 1,500 after sales clients.
Continuous focus on innovation.
Constantly trained and updated work force.
Compliance with ISO 9001 international standard markers.
Those are but a few reasons why thousands of clients have entrusted us with the quality of their water, and have chosen us as their partner.